Meet Ana Chantal

Ana Chantal grew up as a very competitive gymnast, dancer, and figure skater.  Performing has always been a huge part of Ana’s life.  Throughout many years of training with athletics, Ana has decided to pursue a dream of becoming a stunt double.  When Ana was fourteen, she auditioned for her first musical; “Fiddler on the Roof”, there she ended up with a lead role, that soon opened up many more doors down the road; that’s where it all began…

Ana quickly decided she needed to learn music, she has been studying piano, for a few years now, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar.  She has also started voice lessons, and has studied music theory.  Ana dreams to become a country musician.  She loves contemporary country, and pop genres.

Ana has danced her whole life, she is trained in Ballet (Pointe), Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip hop, House, acro, Musical Theatre, and Tap dance.  Along with competing in dance, she was also learned from Broadway Choreographers, commercial choreographers, and this last month was featured in a music video.

Ana was homeschooled growing up which allowed her to pursue different interests, she loves being around horses, and even learned barrel racing.  She was also a first degree as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do by age thirteen.  Ana is now a freshman in college, and is able to uphold her honor status.

Ana continues to work towards her dreams everyday, balancing school, family, music, dance, and working out.


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