Talk about Trying Something New!

Today, Ana shares how she earned her featured dance spot in her first on screen performance.  You can check out the music video within the next two weeks once right after the release party.  It’s called “Get Down” by Interstate 10.10631132_952773998105217_1921094945223504964_o
Music Video Trailer“It was a total dream come true, and happened completely unexpected.  I was leaving the house on a Sunday morning wearing jeans, my cowgirl boots, and a plaid shirt.  I had felt honored that my mother was able to find me the opportunity to be an extra on a music video.  I had arrived to the location supper excited and ready for action.  That’s when the butterflies really started to kick in.  The first thing I noticed was the fact that there was absolutely no parking….anywhere.  As I was walking to set, you could easily see e director in plain sight.  I shook his hand and was ready to take on the day.   

The lead choreographer decided it would be a great idea to teach extras the line dance that was used in the music video for filler roles.  She quickly took notice at the fact that I picked up the choreography very fast (we’re talking ten minutes, tops).  At which point I had replied with “oh, I am a dancer”  A few minutes later I was out of my jeans placed into booty shorts, and a crop top shirt, hair, makeup, and placed as a featured dancer.  a few takes later, the director decided that I was a good enough fit, to receive a small acting role.

No I didn’t get paid for the music video in money, but I was well fed with pizza!  I was able to talk to the musicians, and both female, and male lead.  I have been able to take away experience, respect for the process, and energy for this industry.

I was honored for the experience, and cannot wait for many more to come!”




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